Planning &





  • Recognize knowledge, grasp knowledge, multiply knowledge
  • Master about his data and developments
  • Effective forms of communication
  • Unity in action and action
  • Performance, stability, open error culture
  • Consistent and continuous increase in knowledge
  • Clear basis for decision-making


  • Technologies for digitized project management
  • BIM standards, processes, workflow
  • BIM Tools (REVIT, IFC, Solibri, Navisworks)
  • Contract Management & Documentation
  • Results-oriented communication
  • Project organization, project structure
  • Standardization and optimization


  • Wissenschaftliche und marktverwertbare Erkenntnisse durch Forschung und Entwicklung
  • Nachschub für fachliches und qualifiziertes Personal für mehr Leistungszuwachs
  • ARD - Analysis, Research, Implementation with Focus on ZDF - Facts and Figures Facts
  • Profit optimization through field testing in real-time environments with simulations
  • International exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Benefits of current motivation and learning strategies in consulting and training
  • Use of agile and visual management techniques


  • Satisfied customers and employees
  • Entrepreneurial growth
  • Competitive advantages with cost optimization
  • High quality, no missed deadlines and cost overruns
  • Less use of resources, more output
  • Transparency and data flow

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